Hi, I’m Blood Rose my original name was Rose Wate.  I was 18 when I died, my mom killed me, and my soul turn dark.  I guess your wondering what’s going on well I’ll tell you.  I’ll tell you a few things then say how I died.  My mom is a rapist who rapes to me, this been happening a long time ago when I turned 16 but I never told anyone.  I have two older sisters or will had two one died before I did.  My older sister, Nicole, doesn’t know.  My mom thinks I’m crazy because I hear voices from Alice, who died by falling out of her bedroom window and landing on her head during winter when it snowed.  My Dad is an occult leader, so he carves pentagrams in my older sister that’s alive. I was beaten by him during the day and sometimes raped by my mom then at night I was rape by my mom if she didn’t do it in the morning.  The day I died she did it in the morning before I went to school after she finish, she left me to get ready.  I got ready and went to school which was boring as usual, so I didn’t pay much attention since it was stuff, I already knew.  “Hello” I heard Alice voice again.  This was normal to me since I heard her when I wasn’t busy.  I mentally said “Hi,” which I normally don’t get a respond from her. Which I was right the voice stopped and I continued my day. My birthday is tomorrow so my only friend told me “Happy Birthday” which would be my last day talking to her. My last day getting bullied by guys. School finished and I went home where I did my homework for hour occasionally hearing glass cups being shatter as they hit the wall I stayed in my room so I don’t get beaten by my dad I stayed up there till it hit midnight. I looked at my clock brightly showing 12:00 am which made me smile since I got to get out and get snacks.  I slowly and quietly went downstairs to the kitchen then I saw my dad who was black out drunk.  He stared at me then grabbed his baseball bat I ran outside to the garden I had for an escape, but he continued to chase me my white roses being trampled on as he caught up to me and knocked me down.  I gained cuts by the thorns all over and under my eyes.  Then as I looked at him as he bashed my head in.  I woken in the garden few days from that night not knowing why I was there I notice cat ears and tails on me.  I looked around and saw my dad in my sister’s, Nicole, room so I dashed inside and grabbed a butcher knife and up the stairs to my sister and slashed up my dad I saw a white rose siting in a vase and picked it up then dipped it in his blood.  “now your soul trapped in hell” I said my sister was asleep though out this.  I took the advantage of going after my mom slaughtering her and my dad leaving white roses dipped in their blood and saying their trapped in hell.  I look out to see my sister still asleep I did this to help her out, so she didn’t have to go through pain.  I ran out of that house and into the woods.  I ran for hours till I saw a clearing of white roses that looked to be in the middle of nowhere so I decided to make camp there when I hold up my hands to pick a rose to clear it they moved and formed a rose shack for me now knowing I can do it I can summon white roses when I kill and I only go after the guilty.  I am Bloody Rose.

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